Ex-Governor, Fayose Compares Buhari To Jonah

A former Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has opined that nothing is wrong with Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people. In a tweet, Fayose compared President Buhari to Jonah in the Bible, adding that Buhari is the national mishap and the Jonah in the nation’s boat. 

“This insecurity is one too many, and painfully, Nigerians will have to endure till 2023. I pray God keeps us till then.” Fayose tweeted.

Earlier, the outspoken and controversial former governor had expressed concerns over the security situations in the country. He noted that terrorists have taken over Nigerian roads while kidnappers abduct Nigerians, including traditional rulers, even inside their bedrooms. 

Fayose Compares Buhari To Jonah

Fayose, who advised Nigerians to restrict their movements at this period and avoid travelling around the country, noted that Nigeria is no longer safe for anyone to live in due to the inability of the ruling government to take decisive actions against terrorists.

He added that those ruling Nigeria, particularly at the federal, are acting as if they are about the government and them.

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