History is littered with a good number of people who have committed heinous crimes. Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, Gacy are all familiar names when it comes to killers from the past. These killers have committed unspeakable acts to say the least. Albeit, some of these criminals end up being caught, prosecuted and punished for their short comings others tend to go scot free without facing the consequences of their actions.

Zac Efron in his latest film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile playing one history’s most infamous serial killers Ted Bundy based off a book written by the Killer’s Girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

So who is Ted Bundy?

Born on 24 November 1946 at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. Ted Bundy was a bright, charming, and hand some law student, who had a degree in psychology, with all these achievements at a young age, he seemed destined to soar greater heights in the future. Some people even saw him as a potential Governor of Washington.

What made him famous?

In the period of 4 years (February 1974 and February 1978) Ted Bundy murdered 30 women. It is believe that his first victim was an 18year old student at the University of Washington. Bundy beat her to a pulp while she slept  with a metal her bed frame and violated her sexually. She survived the attack but suffered permanent Brain Damage. After that incident Bundy went on a string of violent murders, he would often approach women in public places, win their trust using charm or faking an injury while using a guise in the guise of having a broken arm and then luring them into a secluded area to murder them. He kept parts of his victims bodies as souvenirs from including the severed heads found in his apartment  and had sex with their bodies after the murders.

Bundy was first arrested in 1975 for kidnapping a woman, Carol DaRonch, and sentenced to up to 15 years in jail.

However in 1977 he escaped by jumping from a jumping from the second storey window of a prison library. He was recaptured for eight days and then escaped again ten days before the trial was scheduled to begin, through a crawl space. He continued on his killing spree until he was finally re-captured in 1978.

Bundy remained behind bars until he was executed in 1989, aged 42. On the morning of 24 January 1989, Bundy was executed. He was strapped to an electric chair and for nearly two minutes electricity was sent through his body. His last words were, ‘I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.’

The movie has received mixed reviews from critics

The Observer says it feels “dishonest” to tell Bundy’s story from Elizabeth’s point of view, because Bundy himself admitted he was unable to form relationships.

David Crow from Den of Geeks applauded Efron’s Bundy he says: “Zac Efron makes a disarmingly charming serial killer in this Ted Bundy movie because it challenges you to live within his facade.

Extremely wicked is out in cinemas in the UK now, and it’s also being shown on Sky Cinema.

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