Extreme Transformations By Actors In Films

Some actors take extreme measures to get into a role for a film. They want to perfect the role that they are working on. These actors put so much effort in these roles, some have gotten awards for their parts in the film, while others didn’t get the desired recognition they wanted

Here are some actors who blew minds for their transformations;

Christian Bale

The king of crazy transformations, Bale dropped down to 55-60 pounds for the role the 2004’s The Machinist. Existing solely on coffee, apples and one can of tuna a day. The mind-blowing transformation became even crazier when he gained over 100 pounds for his role in Batman.

Both his weight loss and gain annoyed him because according to him it overshadowed some of his performances in both films.

Previously, he made jaws drop for the 2000’s cult classic American Psycho. His perfectly chiseled abs got the ladies swooning and made guys wanting to be him. This was one of his hardest transformations. He says it was one of his most restrictive diets. There were no cheat meals, all lean protein, no sugars, good fat, and low carbs.

Matthew McConaughey

This actor had an extreme transformation for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club were he played a dying HIV patient. He got down to a shocking 135lbs. He lost it all by simply not eating.

Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis

These leading ladies had grueling regiments preparing for the roles. Portman admitted that she barely ate and was working out 16 hours a day. This turned out for the good though, as she married her co-star/choreographer Benjamin Millepied and won an Academy Award.

Mila was offered the role in Black Swan without having to audition for it. Which meant her having to work extra hard to perfect her role. Although she looked stunning, fragile she admitted that she looked disgusting “It looked disgusting but in photographs and on film, it looked amazing.”

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