Explanation on Nigerian words added to the Oxford Dictionary

Fellow Nigerians, rejoice because almighty Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added the following Nigerian words and expressions to its latest edition. As it stands, they are now considered proper Nigerian English words.

Note, however, that they are still considered NON-STANDARD in standard English. They are considered ‘CORRECT’ ONLY in Nigeria where they are predominantly used. I have tried to either define or explain each of them, etc. to the best of my ability.

Explanation On Nigerian Words Added To The Oxford Dictionary 2

*agric (n.) — abbreviation of ‘agriculture’ and ‘agricultural’ commonly used by Nigerians.

*barbing salon (n.) — a place where people go to have their hair cut.

*buka (n.) — a person who runs a ‘bukateria’.

*bukateria (n.) — a place, usually located by a roadside, where food is sold at cheap prices.

*chop-chop (v.) — a glutton.

*danfo (n. & v.) — a long rickety bus popularly used in Lagos, Nigeria to convey goods and people from one place to another.

*to eat money (v.) — to spend money in a reckless and wasteful fashion.

*ember month (n.) — the period from the months of September to December which is usually characterised by Christmas and New Year festivities.

*flag-off (n.) — commencement; starting or beginning.

*to flag-off (v.t. & v.i.) — to commence; start or being something.

*gist (sb) (v.t) — to have a conversation with somebody about something, especially one that is interesting, etc.

*guber (adj.) — connected with the job of a state governor.

*k-leg (n. & adj.) — a bent or twisted leg usually caused by scurvy.

*mama put (n.) — a woman who hawks food on the street.

*next tomorrow (n.)— the day after tomorrow.

*non-indigene (n.) — a person who is not a native of a particular place.

*to put to bed (n.) — to give birth to a baby.

*to rub mind (together) (n.) — to relate as equals; to discuss an important matter in order to reach a decision; to reason together, etc.

*sef (n. & adv.) — self; too; inclusive; used to emphasise something such as : anger, surprise or agreement.

*send-forth (n. & modifier) – a celebration or event commemorating a person’s departure.
The send-forth will provide us an opportunity to thank the corp members who worked with the team since inception. We held a send-forth ceremony in honour of the corp members.

*severally (adj.) — several or many times.

*tokunbo (n. & adj.) — a second-hand or fairly used good.

*zone (n.) — a geo-politcal zone.

*zoning (adj. & v.) — a provision in politics that makes it possible for a particular political zone to produce a political officer, appointee, etc. into a position of authority”

By Sulaiman Maijama’a

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