Evictions: BBNaija Week 9 Weekend Rundown

The evictions are usually the highlight of the weekend. But that’s not the only thing we anticipate (or dread). Weekends are very exciting times in the Big Brother Naija house. This is because there are lots of activities ranging from exciting times to the sad evictions to look forward to. Week 9 weekend was no different as Biggie engaged the housemates in various challenges. Here’s your usual rundown:


Friday was quite eventful as Biggie shocked the housemates. The ninjas came and picked the last standing ladies during the Innoson challenge from last week, i.e. Mercy, Cindy, and Khafi. They were given a luxurious spa treatment. Spoilt and pampered while the other housemates watched them on TV. They were green with envy, and it was really refreshing to watch, might I add. 

It was then time for the usual Friday night Bet9ja games. The housemates took a trip to ancient Egypt for their Friday Night Arena Games. Sir Dee emerged the winner in just 1 minute, 39 seconds. He got an extra 400 Bet9ja coins. Ike came second winning 200 Bet9ja coins.


There was a Scanfrost challenge. It was more like a sales pitch challenge for the housemates.  They spent most of their day preparing for the pitch. The housemates did exceptionally well during the presentation. but, like every challenge, a winner must emerge. Elozonam came 4th winning a 40 inches LED TV courtesy Scanfrost. 

Ike came third. He won a 42 inches HD Smart TV.

Sir Dee came second; winning a 50 inches full HD smart TV reward.

It was another big win for Khafi as she was the winner of the scanfrost challenge. She won 55’’ 4k smart Tv. Lines are really falling in pleasant places for Khafi. 

Shortly after the challenge, Biggie gave the housemates little time to go and start preparing for the weekly Saturday night party.

Party with Djkentalky was a hit back to back. Although a lot of viewers didn’t feel what he was doing. The housemates were dressed by Hype & Steam under the theme corporate shakedown. They all slayed the look and had a blast at the party. 

After the party, we were all wishing that nothing dramatic will happen as that’s how it’s always been since this season. Thankfully, there was no clash between the housemates. However, it seemed Ike had one too many drinks as he was seen throwing up. Mercy and Venita really tried to clean him up. Mercy was treating him like a baby which he didn’t like but had no choice. We can all see that she’s really into the guy.


Sunday was full of preparation for the live eviction show. The housemates that were up for possible eviction were groomed. The hairstylists from darling came as the ritual of every Sunday in the big brother Naija house. After the grooming came the dairy session. Biggie asked them to each pick one housemate and say the strategy they think he/she is using in the game seeing that they’ve gone far in the game. The housemates had a lot to say.

It was then time for the live eviction show. Ebuka looked different this Sunday. A lot of viewers weren’t feeling his “gown” as they called it. Something beautiful happened during the live eviction show. 

Our very own classic man visited the house. Biggie asked the housemates to freeze. It was at that moment that Jidenna walked into the house with Ebuka. They could not believe their eyes and they couldn’t move. Ebuka gave him a tour around the house and then left. Biggie then asked them to unfreeze. They were all screaming. Actually, we were all screaming. Biggie’s sense of humor is really not for small minds. LAX the artist entertained us on stage this Sunday. 

The housemates that were up for eviction were asked to stand up. Ike who was veto power holder was asked who he saved and replaced. He said he saved Omashola because he was really kind to him in the beginning. And replaced him with Cindy. Unfortunately, this was the end of the road for Esther in the big brother Naija season.

Ebuka asked her who she thinks will win this season’s show and she says it’s between Frodd and Sir Dee. I don’t trust her sense of judgment for her to say that. If you ask me I think that’s why she agreed to be close to Frodd after Nelson left because she thought being with him will help her secure her place. Again, if you ask me, I’ll say that contributed to her eviction including her lack of fans. Just imagine that she told Ebuka that Frodd is a nice guy when he asked who he is to her. meanwhile, the poor guy was busy shedding tears for her in the house. you know what they say about karma.

The 14th housemate to be evicted from the big brother house was Sir Dee. Tacha didn’t hide her shock about his eviction. Most of us were actually surprised because he wasn’t seen as the weakest link in the group. When asked who he thinks will win the show he said Omashola (see a person that thinks).

When asked about his relationship with Diane, he said she’s like a sister to him. Ebuka also asked him about Tacha, he said he does not want to play with fire. He expressed his gratitude for the platform as it has helped in his personal development. There were so many things he never believed he could ever do and this show has stretched him out of his comfort zone. We will definitely miss this one oh and Esther too.

Heres how Nigeria voted that left everyone in shock. Particularly Cindy’s votes.

  • Tacha: 31.22%
  • Cindy: 22.03%
  • Frodd: 20.17%
  • Venita: 12.53%
  • Sir Dee: 7.74%
  • Esther: 6.31%

After the eviction, Jidenna went back into the house to chill with the housemates. Let’s just say I had a nice evening on that account. He’s truly a classic man.

Shortly after that, it was time for the veto power game of chance. The person with the highest number of coins will be disqualified. Seyi emerged winner making him veto power holder for the week. What we’re yet to understand is that Biggie told Seyi that he’s disqualified from veto power after the last time that he failed to save and replace. But he just won again for the second time and Biggie didn’t say anything. We deserve an explanation at least.

We look forward to another activity-filled week. 

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