England Fans Booed Their Players in Romania Game

A minority of England fans booed their national team players after taking a knee bow before the friendly with Romania started. Other fans, however, rescued the situation as they horribly drowned out the fans with loud applauses. The action for the England fans is the second in four days.

England Fans Against Their Own Players in Romania Game

They did the same thing in their Austria game, which ended 1-0 in favour of England. in the first game played in Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium, the fans did the same thing. Today’s game is the last game for the England team before Euro 2020.

England Fans Booed Their Players In Romania Game
England Fans Booed Their Players In Romania Game

The one knee bow which the England players normally do is in response to the reoccurring racial attacks on players, but even with all the effort put out, many fans still go against the law. Their action has made some players said they would not do the one knee bow because it is becoming too normal and has no regard again.

The boo from the England fans was drowned out by applause from other fans, about 8,000. England boss Gareth Southgate had earlier stated on Saturday that his players were “more determined than ever to the knee.”

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