Dressing Rules That Everyone Should Learn

Dressing up and looking good is something that many people struggle with. Here are 6 very simple, everyday steps that will guide your style.

Learn to find clothes that actually fit well on your body.

Make sure your clothes are not too tight and not too baggy. If unsure, a second opinion from a friend can quickly tell you if you have the wrong size. Clothing that fits well is remarkably flattering and comfortable.

Learn how to dress for each occasion.

A Sunday at home, the club on a Friday night, a Monday morning meeting and a wedding all have different dress codes. Watch and learn from other people if you’re unsure. Also remember that it’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Don’t follow trends if you are not interested in fashion.

There are a lots of classic styles that will last years before they begin to look outdated (if at all). Therefore, it will make more sense if you can invest in quality pieces to begin with.

Look after your clothes properly.

Do not wash your clothes more than they need. Follow the instructions. Always hand wash delicates. Iron your clothes and fold/hang them up. If you want to incentivise yourself to look after your clothes, calculate the total cost of your wardrobe and how long it would take you to replace it all.

Spend as much on your underwear as you do on outerwear.

A good comfortable vest/bra, some briefs/boxers/panties and socks will help you ease through the day with comfort. If you feel comfortable, you look great.

Do not wear two different prints (like a striped shirt and plaid pants).

If you have a hard time with this, don’t buy clothes made out of prints. Buy only solid color shirts and pants

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