Euro 2020: Doctor Reveals Why Eriksen Collapsed

Dennis national team doctor has finally revealed what happened to Christian Eriksen that made him collapsed during their Euro 2020 game against Finland that ended 1-0 in favour of Finland. According to the reports, it was said that the player suffered a cardiac arrest.

Doctor Says Eriksen Suffered a Cardiac Arrest

Euro 2020: Doctor Reveals Why Eriksen Collapsed 1
Euro 2020: Doctor Reveals Why Eriksen Collapsed 4

Christian Erikson collapsed in Denmark’s Euro 2020 match against Finland and was rushed out of the stadium for treatment. Danish team doctor Morten Boesen has come out to say the player suffered a cardiac arrest, and it by grace that he survived it.

After he was rushed to the stadium, officials said the midfielder was stable in hospital and had sent his greetings to his national teammates. However, the former Tottenham Hotspur player Eriksen collapsed minutes before half-time. So the game was suspended but later kicked off after the player sent a message saying he is fine and the players can continue the game.

Euro 2020: Doctor Reveals Why Eriksen Collapsed 2

According to the doctor, he said: “He was gone. We did cardiac resuscitation. It was a cardiac arrest.” “How close were we to losing him? I don’t know, but we got him back after one defib [defibrillation], so that’s quite fast.” “The examinations that have been done so far look fine. We don’t have an explanation as to why it happened.”

The 29-year-old Inter Milan player had emergency medical treatment on the pitch before taking him to the hospital. He is stable now, but he will still be hospitalised so they can carry out a further examination on him. Erikson is fine and stable, and he has sent a message to his teammates as well.

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