Doctor Discovers Dangerous Object in Man’s Chest (SEE PICS)

A Twitter user has taken to the microblogging platform to explain how he almost lost his life after an attack last year.

The user with the handle @iam_HarryJustin narrated a near-death experience he went through after he was stabbed last year because his followers have been curious about his disappearance.

Harry started from when he was stabbed sometime in November 2020, and when he went to receive treatment, the doctor stitched up the wound with the reassurance that it was not a deep wound.

Doctor Discovers Dangerous Object in Man’s Chest

Speaking on how his health deteriorated after that even to taking medications almost every other week to finding out that he had a whole kitchen knife lodged in his chest. He said,

“But after the stabbing incident, my health went from 100-10. I fall ill every 2wks from one medication to another no proper improvement, so we had to go see our family doc, who advised us to go for an X-ray after carrying out some checkup on me, low and behold. A knife”

He then went on to say how he had to undergo emergency surgery in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital to take out the knife. See the details below.

He ended his thread saying that this life-changing experience led his closer to God as he is now a born-again.

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