Didier Drogba Wins Big in his Country

Legendary Chelsea and Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba has received an honorary degree in his country Ivory Coast, the former Chelsea player was given the honour for his contribution to football in his homeland and his efforts in helping to restore stability in the West African nation.

Didier Drogba Receives a Special Honor in Ivory Coast

Didier Drogba Wins Big In His Country
Didier Drogba Wins Big In His Country

Didier Drogba was honoured for bringing peace to the Ivory Coast after famously helping enact a ceasefire in 2005 after securing qualification for the World Cup. The 43-year-old made a desperate plea to the combatants involved in the ugly civil war in the West African nation, inviting cameras into the Elephants’ dressing room after their crucial win over Sudan to make a passionate speech, leading to a ceasefire after five years of war.

The Ivorian is currently into charity work after failing to win an election in his country. He failed the bid to be the Ivory Coast’s football association president. He donated £3m, signing on fee from an endorsement deal from Pepsi to build a hospital in his country.

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