Designers Replace Use of Coffins, Turn Corpses to Trees (pics)

Some designers might have been able to find a way to replace the use of coffins as one of the ways to bury the dead, with a new plan to turn corpses into trees.

This new invention was discovered by two scientists who think burying the dead in coffins is harmful to the echo system and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Designers Replace Use of Coffins

Francesco D’Angelo and Adriano Del Ferro have successfully designed a replacement for the usual modern ways of burying people with coffins, saying it poisons the air and soil with chemicals used in embalming the corpses finding their ways into out.

They also think the vast expanse of land used as burial sites could be utilised in better ways, and one of those is to turn corpses into trees.

Designers Replace Use Of Coffins
Designers Replace Use of Coffins

Supporting this claim, a University Don, Susan Dobscha, suggested that the best thing to do after death allows your body to benefit the ocean and earth.

On their part, the Italian Designers have designed an egg-shaped burial pod as a perfect way to replace coffins.

Turn Corpses to Trees

With this egg-shaped burial pod, the corpse would be laid like a foetus will while the womb is then used to plant a tree.

According to the designers, the egg-shaped burial eco pod would be placed into the ground, and a choice tree by the deceased would be planted on it.

Francesco D'Angelo And Adriano Del Ferro To Turn Corpses To Trees
Francesco D’Angelo and Adriano Del Ferro to Turn Corpses to Trees

While the body decays, the nutrients from it will then fertilise the tree, and this process has been described as a complete life circle.

Though the cost of the new invention is not known yet, many believe it might be a worthy replacement for coffins. The cost of this is not yet known; it might be welcomed by many people who think it.

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