Dear Child

Dear child
running wild through the fields
planting joy through your feet.
Even through growing pains,
may your heart always be light,
may it soar above it all
just as the kites you fly up in the air

Dear child
your imagination is a castle of colours
yellow, blue, and purple on your fingers
may your life, like your colouring books,
always be filled with colour,
and may time never steal away the artist in you

Dear child
you are filled with questions
curious about the world around you
may you gallop through your years with that curiosity,
may your questions liberate you
and the world around you
whether they bring answers or not.

Dear child
may love never be foreign to you
may you have the courage to tap
into its endless reserve within you
giving, receiving, creating
worlds beyond worlds
all in the name of love.

Dear Child 2

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