Danny Young: Becoming Famous was Difficult

Nigerian musician Ajibola Olumuyiwa Danladi known by his stage name Danny Young had stated that today’s musician has more privileges and opportunities, unlike when he started.

 Danny young also recalled how hard it was to reach stardom when he started, as it required a lot of hard work and talent to become famous.

Young, who became famous at 16 after his 2006 hit song ‘welcome’, also said penetrating the music industry now is way more straightforward as it requires little or no talent.

The ‘cunny-cunny love’ crooner noted that these changes might be due to the sudden emergence of social media, as they only had the radio, TV and print media.

Danny Young Working on Upcoming Album

Danny Young said, “The old and new music industry are two different things that we can’t even compare most slightly. But this is the best way I can break it down.

“Way back then, there were very talented and creative artists, but it was so freaking hard to blow because we didn’t have avenues to showcase ourselves. We only had the radio, tv, and print media.

“There was nothing like a fluke, there was nothing like oh you just come out and blow, you have to be extra talented, you have to have good manners, home training, respect, everything but now there are lots of differences.

“The differences, like I say, come with time and chance and maybe improvement in technology so I would say today’s artists have a lot of privileges and opportunities to get their contents out there.”

Danny Young also spoke about his upcoming album; “I’m working on an album which is soon to come. As you all know, I don’t drop albums every six months, and I like to work on my stuff because my audience is intense people, and I like to take my time to create deep projects.

“I have songs that have been recorded over two years, four years, but we decided not to put them out because, as I said, we are all looking out for the right time.”

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