Dani Alves Return, What It Means for Barcelona

Following the arrival of Xavi Hernandez to Barcelona, after implementing the locker room rules, the new manager has decided to bring Dani Alves, his former teammate, back to the club. The Brazilian signing has raised many questions about what a 38-year-old player can add to the team?

Dani Alves Returns to Barcelona

The return of Dani Alves shows Xavi is looking at bringing back the club to the spotlight. It is also believed that the manager is likely to bring back Lionel Messi to Barca as he looks to rebuild the team. The club confirmed an “agreement in principle” for the return of the Brazilian to become Xavi’s first signing in the club.

Following his return he said, he is happy to be back in the club, and he also said he needs him and he will leave wherever he is and return to help the club because of the love he has for the club. He said: “It would sound very opportunistic to say that Barca needs me now. I always said that I left because I saw things were not the way I thought they should be.”

Dani Alves Return, What It Means For Barcelona
Dani Alves Returns to Barcelona

The former Juve and PSG player also said: “You never want to see everything that [has] ended up happening since I left. I’ve said that when Barca need me and want me, I would be at their disposal regardless of where I am. The affection, love, and respect I have for this club is too much.”

The player’s return is a return of experience and expertise in the club. The new head coach wants a team he is familiar with and a team that also has the club, so he had to call on some club legends to help him. The coming Alves means it a possible for Lionel Messi to return to the club as well.

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