Urine, the liquid by-product in humans and many animals still attracts certain questions. This article seeks to address the fundamentals.

The human bladder typically holds between 1.5 and 2 cups of fluid. However, the consciousness of feeling full varies for every individual. Going to the bathroom is a necessity for everyone. In most cases, holding it for a short time when there is the urge to urinate does not warrant the delay being harmful. However, holding pee for too long might increase the risk of certain medical issues, like urinary tract infection. This is because the urine sitting in the bladder can increase the bacteria growth there. So, it is important not to hold in pee for longer than necessary. Taking in a lot of fluids and excreting them regularly is the best way to avoid bacteria overgrowth, which often lead to infections.

It is important to completely empty the bladder once it is time to go to the bathroom. Not just to avoid complications, but also to avoid frequent bathroom breaks. So, take it slow and wait an extra minute or two after having the sensation of being done to make sure the bladder is completely emptied.

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