Court Threatens Witches in Adamawa, Gives Ultimatum

A court in Adamawa State has threatened some self-confessed witches in the state and has given them a 24hours ultimatum to carry out its order.

The seven-state residents who confessed to, in fact, to be witches have been accused of spiritually manipulating the health of a three-year-old girl.

While before a court in Yola the state capital, it was stated that the seven females used some demonic powers to inflict a disease on their three-years-old victim.

However, the court has given them just 24 hours to set the young girl free or face the consequences.

Six of the self-confessed witched who have been arrested include a 60-year-old woman and five children whose ages are between four and 6.

The seventh is a woman who happens to be an adult but is yet to be arrested.

During the extraordinary court session, the five minor “witches” told Hon Umar Gangs of the area 1 court that the 60-years-old witch, Halima Jonta and the other at large named Dudu, instructed them to place a stone in the stomach of their 3-year-old victim and tie her up.

They added that they had untied the young girl, but the last hurdle against her full deliverance is removing a dead person’s soul still planted in her.

While confessing, they hinted that only Dudu who is still at large can remove the dead spirit she planted in the sick girl.

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