Conor McGregor Announces Retirement

Conor McGregor has Announced his retirement from Mixed Martial arts (MMA) this part week.

McGregor posted on twitter “Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ today,” he wrote. “I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition. I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement. Proper Pina Coladas on me fellas!

The news came just hours after the UFC star appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During his interview, McGregor said he was “in talks” for another fight this summer.

In addition, he referred to his whiskey company, Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, as his “baby” and said he has a lot of “great entities.”

“I don’t necessarily need to fight. I am set for life. My family is set for life. We are good,” he said. “But I am eager to fight. So, we’ll see what happens. I’m just staying ready, as I like to say.”

As fans will recall, this wasn’t the first time McGregor had announced his retirement. Back in 2016, he revealed he was going to “retire young.” So, some fans were a bit skeptical about the recent news.

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