Communities will not Survive Without Corpers – Minister

The Minister for Youth and Sports in Nigeria, Sunday Dare has said some communities will not survive without Corpers.

On Thursday, the minister reacted to a question asking for his reaction to Nigerians call for a scrap of the NYSC programme.

Mr Dare responding to the question said the National Youth Service Corps scheme (NYSC) cannot be scrapped, and it is here to stay.

The minister said cancelling the scheme is like throwing the baby away with the bathwater as some communities will not survive without Youth Corp Members.

Corpers Help Communities

The minister at the statehouse also stated that the ministry had audited the contribution of NYSC to National development and Unity, and some communities wait every year for Corp Members to help in their communities, especially with their health facilities.

Communities Will Not Survive Without Corpers - Minister
Minister for Youth and Sports, Sunday Dare

Mr Dare expressing the importance of the continuance of the scheme, said it has the CDS programme, multiple projects across communities by Corp Members and not to talk of marriages and long-term friendship within the scheme and many others.

He added that the youth ministry is looking at areas where the scheme needs improvement, as such programmes cannot be removed.

“The largest single concentration of Nigerian youths annually, 320,000, is the NYSC. Some communities will not survive without Corpers,” He concluded.

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