Comedian Woli Arole Laments Over Food Price Hike

Popular Comedian Woli Arole has expressed his pain over the food price hike in the country.

In a video on his Instagram page, Woli Arole lamented how food prices have increased, questioning what the vice president and Minister of Agriculture are doing about it and if they are unaware.

While he pointed out the food price and Nigerians being hungry, he used beans as an example, questioning if it is no longer being planted, but mined due to its outrageous price in the market.

Fans have also reacted to this, see some reactions below,

Officialvikies: “Things are very expensive ooooo…beans is even expensive than rice😢😢”

Real_ebeneimpact: “Like seriously so expensive in this country my favourite spaghetti is now selling for 400 naira like what has fish added to it 😢😢😢😢”

Nuelcrown: “No be small thing o one small bucket paint of beans now is 3k ejo sogun laye ni”

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