Comedian Sydney Talker Launches Age-Long Dream

Popular Instagram Comedian and skit maker Sydney Egere known as Sydney Talker has announced the launching of his record label.

The Social media influencer who called it an age-long dream, took to his Instagram page to reveal this great news.

Sydney Talker wrote, “Finally, the time has come to boldly accept the birthing of a dream I have had for many years. It has not been easy carrying and nurturing this dream.

“MUSIC, we are 100% here. I have fought the good fight of faith, I have overcome my fears, I have taken lessons from the fathers of industry.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you NEVILLE RECORDS @nevillerecords (The New Town)”

Sydney Talker Launches Record Label

The comedian explained that his love for music helps expresses his deepest desires without fear of limitations.

The popular towel guy revealed the first official signing of the label ‘KHAID‘ in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

“Beyond the Joy of seeing my dream come true, is the cumulative joy of seeing another dream coming true-Khaid,” he revealed.

“Khaid is a talented young man I sighted free-styling on the street via Instagram. At the time he was a car mechanic working hard to ensure ends meet. With no aspiration of becoming a Star. Now here we are. What a joy.

“I can’t wait to see him affect the world. I can’t wait to see you all enjoy this unique talent and gift,” he concluded.

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