Coca-Cola Launches Signature Mixers For Spirits

Coca-Cola is launching a posh version of Coke that you can mix with vodka and rum. The new Signature Mixers will have subtly different flavors to regular Coke. They boast tones of jalapeno, basil, exotic citrus fruit yuzu and lemongrass.

Ana Amura, Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, explained. “Coca-Cola has always had a synergy with dark spirits and classic cocktails, from the inception of the iconic Cuba Libre in the late 1900s to the popular Whiskey & Coke in the early 20th century. With the rise of mixed drinks, we’re excited to announce the launch of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers, a specific range uniquely created to mix with dark spirits. Working with an inspirational group of global mixologists to create amazing flavour combinations, we hope Coca-Cola Signature Mixers open up the world of mixology to an even wider audience.”

Coca-Cola lovers can get their hands on 4 varieties:

Smoky Notes

This mixer will taste slightly of exotic essential oil, ylang ylang as well as dried fruit. It’s described as an “intensely aromatic blend” and is recommended for spiced rums and bold whiskies.

Spicy Notes

Coca-Cola says this mixer has “a warm introduction that gives way to a fiery finish”. It apparently has hints of jalapeno chillies, ginger, citrus fruits and rosemary. The company recommends pairing it with amber-coloured whiskies and any kind of rum.

Herbal Notes

This one is described as a “delightfully floral, crisp and tart mix”. It has flavours of lemongrass, dill seed and tagetes. Coca-Cola recommends serving it with amber whiskies and any kind of rum.

Woody Notes

This mixer apparently has “a tart, light and refreshing profile, with a hint of warmth”. It’s supposed to taste vaguely like basil, citrus fruit yuzu and patchouli – which is a type of bushy herb. It goes well with woody whiskies and golden rums, according to Coca-Cola.

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