Chris Attoh Suspected for Wife’s Murder

Christ Attoh is being investigated in the murder of his wife, Bettie Jennifer. This comes after a sketch of the suspected shooter was released by the police.

George Matthews, a spokesman for the police agency in the Washington, D.C., has revealed that police are particularly investigating a tweet from Chris Attoh hours before the death of the woman who was shot by a gunman.

Chris Attoh’s tweet read “When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is ever….,” “The investigators are taking that into account.” The police spokesman tells PEOPLE. “They have been in the process of investigating all of the social media posts.” “We do not believe that this was a random incident.” Says Matthews.

According to the statement of bystanders, it is stated that the gunman “appeared to be going after that victim and chase that victim down.” He said “that’s all part of the investigation. As far as I know, Attoh is fully cooperating.” Says Matthews.

At the time she married Attoh, police confirmed Jennifer was also married to Kendrick Jennifer, an importer of cocaine into the Baltimore area, now serving 20 years in a federal prison after a 2016 conviction for drug trafficking.

The deceased, 44, of Bowie, Maryland was leaving work on the 6300 block of Ivy-lane in Greenbelt on Friday, 10th May, when a gunman chased her down and shot her more than once.

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