Chelsea New Manager Tuchel Gives Up EPL Title

Chelsea’s new manager, Thomas Tuchel, says he fears the Premier League title is already out of their reach, but he is very confident in making the Champions League spot the top four.

Thomas Tuchel seems to be setting realistic goals for himself, considering the number of games that have been played and the ones ahead. The new manager had his first game as Chelsea manager ended in a goalless draw against Wolves.

Thomas Tuchel Sets Realistic Goal for Chelsea

Chelsea sits in the eighth place-position, but the German coach promised to work on the details and create a team no-one likes to play against. According to him, said: “The title? Whoah, it’s far away, you know.’ He further said: ‘No, we have to be realistic.”

Chelsea New Manager Tuchel Gives Up Epl Title
Chelsea New Manager Tuchel Gives Up Epl Title

“When you sign for Chelsea as a player or like me as a manager, you sign for the expectation to challenge for titles. That means Premier League, the Champions League and all the cups. It’s absolutely clear.”

“At the same time, we have to be realistic. There are a lot of teams between us and fourth and a lot of points in between us. The best thing is that we don’t lose the focus and look too far, but stay and work on the details daily and the points will follow.”

Tuchel also said: “This is the starting point. We will focus on our strengths and qualities, and we will build a team nobody wants to play against, that’s the challenge. It’s for me to do that as fast as possible. For today, I was very pleased.”

The former Paris Saint Germain and Dortmund manager had only one training session to prepare his team after his appointment following Frank Lampard’s sack on Monday. He praised the players and staff for their approach and attitude.

“Sixteen recoveries in the last third is proof of amazing intensity and energy on the pitch,’ he said. ‘We put the game in the opponents half. We closed counter attacks very early.”

Tuchel was proud of his team as he said: “We created half-chances and with every minute more and more chances. We did not allow dangerous counter-attacks. We were well-organised, we were brave, we had the courage, we played as a team.”

“I told everybody there’s no room for disappointment and no room for doubt. The opposite. I was very happy with the performance.” Chelsea drew with Wolves and are currently occupying the eight place position, and it is a good start for Tuchel.

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