Centre LSD Harps on Accountability of Security Forces

Accountability of Security Forces in Nigeria is a subject that has captured the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development, Centre LSD.

Security Sector Accountability, SSA Project, as it’s officially referred to, became part of activities the Centre started pushing for implementation.

Although the Civil Society Organisation, CSO is not alone as it teams up with Trust Africa to convene a One-Day Citizens Forum in Lagos on Thursday 19th of August 2021.

The forum, which takes off today, will bring together a cross-section of Stakeholders, impacted Citizens and other relevant persons affected by security services during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, subject experts and representatives of the security services, among others, would gather and aim to interrogate the methodologies and constraints of security agencies, especially during the first phase of the lockdown in Nigeria.

Accountability of Security Forces

In a statement, the Project Lead and Centre LSD Director of Strategy, Mr Itia Otabor, reiterated that the Project has an overarching goal geared towards evolving a solid mechanism that will strengthen Citizen’s voices in speaking out and holding Security Forces accountable.

The relevant authorities can also be quizzed in cases of Human rights abuses and violations while implementing security measures during National Health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that the Centre has also commissioned research on the subject matter. It hopes to aggregate all the inputs from the Project and harvest credible information and basis to engage for a legislative Bill to institutionalize the outcomes.

All well-meaning Nigerian citizens and organizations, including Civil Society Organizations working on Police reforms, Citizens groups and other partners, can connect to the Project.

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