Burnley Embarrassed United at Old Trafford in EPL Matchday 24

Burnley put out a wonderful yesterday night after coming from behind to be Leicester City in the English Premier League Matchday 23. They travel to Manchester to battle Manchester United in their legendary Old Trafford Stadium. They were able to build on their recent form and shock the Red Devils as they match out of the pitch after the 90th minute of the game smiling. Burnley thrashed United in front of their fans 2-0.

Burnley Embarrassed United At Old Trafford In Epl Matchday 24 1

Manchester United who suffered a heavy away 2-0 defeat to league leaders Liverpool were looking to get a bounce back but it never came their way. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his troops were humiliated in front of home fans as thousands of fans left the Stadium in the 85th minute of the game as they were already two goals down. defeat in the EPL Matchday24 encounters against Burnley yesterday.

Burnley Came to Win no Doubt

Burnley took the lead right from the first half of the game, their top goal scorer Chris Wood ntted his 0th of the season in the 39th minute. He spun off Harry Maguire to meet Ben Mee’s knockdown and smash into the top corner from the edge of the six-yard box. They went into the break with the away team sitting in front in goals.

They return to the game to play the next 45 minute but things became worst for the home side as Jay Rodriguez doubled the lead for the visitors. After a perfect one-two with Wood he fired the ball into the top corner of net beyond the reach of David de Gea. History has it that, it was the third season in a row Burnley had gone 2-0 up at Old Trafford, but never won the game at the end. For the first time they were able to grab all three points to the end.

Burnley Embarrassed United At Old Trafford In Epl Matchday 24 2

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his troops were booed off the pitch after the horrible display. A former Manchester United player Fletcher expressed his disappointment as he said: “The scenes in the stadium weren’t good.” “The chanting, the atmosphere really turned toxic for the first time.” He also fears the atmosphere at Old Trafford could hurt United’s younger players if it does not improve. “At the minute you can see with every setback these youngsters are just sinking,”

“The scrutiny and the pressure that these kids are under it was difficult for me coming into the team and I was surrounded by world-class players left, right and center. “These lads don’t have that support network around them and they are really finding it difficult. “It might make a few of them, but at the same time it will probably break a few of them as well, which is really disappointing.”

During the match, many fans were chanting for the removal of Ed Woodward and also booing the owner of the club Glazer family. Solskjaer has come out to say for him, is best the club and the fans stick together. “Help the players, help the team and help the club to move forward. I think everyone knows when they have overstepped the line.” He added.

Since Solskjaer was made permanent manager in March United have lost more Premier League games (12) than they have won (11). Although they are fifth in the table with 30 points behind leaders Liverpool, it is really a bad season for the United side.

Reactions after the Burnley Humiliation to United

Former United defender Rio Ferdinand labelled the night an “embarrassment” and urged those in charge of the club to take action. “I can’t defend this. “Young kids now in schools around the country, are not going to be wearing Manchester United shirts anymore,” He added.

Burnley Embarrassed United At Old Trafford In Epl Matchday 24 3

“They are not going to be wanting to come here and support Manchester United based on what you are seeing out there. It’s just not going to happen; fans are walking out after 84 minutes. “It’s an embarrassment. People at the top need to look and see this and make changes, put a plan in place that people can sit there and see where we are going.”

Football legends around England are already asking if Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer will still be in charge at the beginning of next season? But really the question should be who is wrong is it the management or the manager? Do you think players will like to sign new contracts with United with what is happening now? Do well to drop your opinion in the comment section.  

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