Buhari Gives Fresh Orders to Deal with Bandits

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rtd., Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has issued fresh orders to a section of the Military and Nigerian Police Force, NPF, to carry out a ‘ruthless’ attack on bandits terrorising parts of the country.

Buhari pointed that regions like the North-Central and North-West have been heavily hit by the bandits and would require the swift intervention of security agencies to restore calm in those areas.

The Nigerian first citizen gave the instructions during a live television interview session in Lagos State yesterday while identifying the chaos caused by mischief-makers in different segments of the aforementioned geopolitical zones.

He noted that the activities of bandits had caused rural farmers and others into similar forms of agro-business to abandon plantations. At the same time, a few numbers of them resort to negotiating with those terrorising so as to gain access to their farmlands.

The President admitted that the nation would find it challenging to experience famine which is a possibility if the crime of these perpetrators is not brought under control.

Similarly, a record-breaking number of individuals comprising students, businessmen and women, politicians, among other influential/non-prominent persons in the society, have suffered at the hands of kidnappers.

Buhari Gives Fresh Orders

Buhari later assured citizens of Nigeria that there would be obvious evidence in the transformed operations of our security personnel, one that would be result-oriented.

Reiterating words President Buhari regularly uses to address people disturbing the peace of the nation, he declared that bandits “WIll be treated in the language they understand.”

He said it is strange that the country has gotten to this stage, where persons of the same culture and region engage in killings of their fellow men/women, stealing each others livestock, among other unspeakable things.

The President reassured that he would give the Nigerian security outfit the necessary equipment and backings to conduct their duties judiciously.

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