British Airways Relocates to New Abuja Terminal.

With the British Airways landing its B777-300 at 4:40am on Tuesday  in the Nnamdi Azikiwe New Terminal, British Airways has relocated their operations to the new terminal.

By so doing, the airline has beaten the ultimatum given to all International airlines by FANN to relocate to the new terminal on or before April 30.

The flight had 207 passengers and 13 crew members as well.

The British Airways moving to the new terminal signifies that the 12 international airlines operating in the airport have successfully transferred operations to the new terminal. The terminal was inaugurated in December 2019.

FAAN Regional General Manager, Mr. Sani Mahmud said the relocation will lead to full utilization of the facility.

He also said that the joining of the airline in using the terminal will help the authority streamline the international operations in the airport. He further stated that the facility will be properly maintained.

Calling on the foreign airlines to make proper use of the facility, the manager said, “We are feeling fulfilled, we started with the commissioning of the airport by Mr president on the 20th of December 2018 and we prepared and started receiving flights immediately into the terminal with Asky.

“Today, all our 12 international airlines have moved in, the last being the British Airways. “We are sincerely grateful to government for providing this edifice and you can see from the faces of the passengers that they are all happy to be in a new facility like this.

“And we want to assure Nigerians and the world that the team in Abuja airport is competent enough to maintain this facility. “We are only hoping for more international airlines in view of the facilities and the fact that Abuja airport is certified because we have been the best in safety in Africa, 2018.

“We believe that with these credentials, more international airlines will come into Abuja airport. “We have a strong team here that are capable of maintaining this facility and we are meeting with all the agencies working in the airport regularly to synergise on smooth operation in the terminal,” he said.

Sen. Garshom Bassey, Cross River South, a passenger on the flight said that the terminal is amazing but he hopes the problem of maintenance will not affect its sustainability. He proffered the involvement of the private sector in the maintenance process as a way to maintain the terminal.

The former Deputy Governor of Plateau State praised the efforts of the government and the conduct of the immigration officers urging that the facility be properly maintained.

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