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Brekete Family Live: Car Dealer Dupes Man of Over N300,000

BreketeFamily Live programme treated a case of a car dealer, Samuel Adebayo, who reportedly duped an unsuspecting buyer, Mr Thomas Michael, of over three hundred thousand naira.

The dealer allegedly provided a payment package plan of thirty thousand naira monthly to be carried out in instalments.

According to the narrator of the story, Mr Michael, he reached an agreement with the car dealer to complete the payments within the appropriate time to receive a Toyota Camry bargained for during the transaction.

On Thursday in Abuja, while the live programme was ongoing, the victim of the fraudulent act noted that the car dealer refused to produce the vehicle even after offsetting more than half the payment.

Brekete Family Live Team Guarantee Buyer of Recovering Funds

Meanwhile, the car dealer absconded and failed to release the Toyota to Michael to date on completing their arrangement.

For the above reason, Michael approached the Human Rights Radio team for assistance to retrieve the vehicle.

The host, Consultant Iyke, temporarily sitting in for the ordinary president, Dr Ahmed Isa, said the Brekete Family matter would treat the case abruptly, assuring Michael of receiving either the car or a refund.

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