Boosting Military Support From UK to Defeat Boko Haram – Hunt

The British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has said Britain was considering stepping up its military efforts to Nigeria.

Hunt said this after his visit to Maiduguri, Nigeria. He added that he would be discussing what the British government could do in terms of aid and military support. The support would be focused on combatting Boko Haram.

He warned that the crisis had potential danger to trigger humanitarian catastrophe on the scale of that in Yemen.

New reports from The Guradian, added that Britain had provided 240 million (euro) in aid to Nigeria. In that amount 100 million (euro) went to the North East, making it the second- largest donor after the US. Also, giving the UK a sizable stake in what happens in the region.

The attention of the world was caught in 2014, when the Chibok School girls were kidnapped.

British military personnel in Abuja are giving strategic advice to n Nigerian forces on running contingency options. Combing humanitarian and military focus points.

Hunt said “It has got all the hallmarks of something that if you do not nip in the bud, it will get a lot worse. Conversely, it feels like a situation that it is something that could be dealt with if there was appropriate action by the government of Nigeria with international support.

“There is a potential solution here. Nigeria is a huge country and it is much stretched.”

When asked if he supported the increase in the military action in the region; The UK foreign secretary said “I think the crucial deciding factor is the willingness and enthusiasm of the Nigerian government and the Nigerian army to work closely with us.”

He added that Britain wanted to bring holistic solutions, suggesting by implication the the Nigerian Army is too heavily focused on military solutions.

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