Bodies Unearth As Cleanup On Mount Everest Begins

Mount Everest, the world tallest mountain. Has turned to the tallest mountain full of rubbish, human waste and even bodies!

But a dedicated and impressively fit team of volunteers are tackling the problem by carrying out one of the world’s most ambitious clean ups. Results, are however being uncovered sooner than expected.

6,613 pounds of garbage have been so far collected from the mountain, in just two weeks of the scheme. That’s about the weigh of two SUVs or even a large male hippo.

The task is being carried out by a 14-member team. Who have set the task of recovering 10 metric tons within 45 days.

Bodies Unearth As Cleanup On Mount Everest Begins 1
Mount Everest clean up

Waste recovered include; Empty cans, bottles, plastic and discarded climbing gear. An army helicopter has assisted in removing the garbage. The team is expected to ascend to high ground to collect more.

So far four bodies have been located on the 8,848- mete mountain point, officials say.

The Nepalese government and local communities have long been wrestling with the problem of waste on the mountain. Regular efforts have been made to recover tons of trash from the mountain, and waste management systems have been introduced.

In February, China banned non-climbers from its side of the mountain in an effort to reduce waste.

However, those incharge of this cleanup are faced with challenges, such as, climate change, the melting of snow on the mountain and exposing an increase number of dead bodies.

More than 200 mountaineers have died on the peak since 1922, when the first climbers death on Everest were recorded. Remaining bodies are believed to have remained buried under glaciers or snow.

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