Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 12): Beautiful Bungalow by the Sea

It was a very cold morning, the sea was calm, the moon was just fading away and Biola was still winning the staring contest. The wind whistled derogatory words into her ears while the sand made her feet numb; she thought that the beach was a good idea but nature was against her that day. Mother earth was sad and devastated; she was a reflection of Biola’s feelings.

Biola found comfort in her cigarette, she opened the pack and hissed when she saw that she was smoking the last one; she looked down at her luggage and giggled still wondering how she managed to drag them across the beach to a bench near a small bungalow.

When Efe evicted her, she went to a hotel first but after checking in an unexpected ordeal made her leave immediately. The hotel room was a time capsule that took her to the time she went to London to surprise her boyfriend only to meet an enemy called sorrow. She didn’t understand why that flashback came in the hotel but it was the wrong memory at the wrong time, so she checked out.

She looked behind her at the small bungalow and wished it was hers to live in. Biola didn’t feel sorry for herself, she never felt sorry that Chief violated her a night before and Efe threw her out of the house; she was not one to accept pity or sit in the chair of victimization her ego was too big.

But she was upset and an upset Biola was just like a dragon pregnant with the demon of destruction. She put out her cigarette and started towards the door of the Bungalow on the beach.

“I have something to tell you” Biola was on the phone with Seyi “I got the job, I just accepted the offer from Grande Bank” Biola was excited because the news came at the right time to cheer her up from the past day’s events. Seyi offered to take her out to celebrate but she didn’t accept until he agreed to let her pay as a thank you from her.

They were in a beautiful restaurant directly above the sea with an amazing view of the conference between the ocean and the sky but it wasn’t a good location for Biola since she could still hear the waves roar painfully to her but she had to bear it because she told Seyi to pick any restaurant he wanted. They ate, drank and talked; Seyi could tell that she mentally drifted in and out of their conversation.

“Why aren’t you living with Efe anymore?” he asked silently praying that she would talk to him about whatever problem she had

“She threw me out” Biola did not hesitate and her openness surprised him.

She told him that they had a huge fight and Efe told her to leave, Seyi did not pester her for the details of the story; he did suggest that she move out of the bungalow by the sea and move into one of his apartment in his apartment complex but she sharply declined

“The surroundings… where that bungalow is, reminds me of what to do… the things I must do, so I can’t leave” she signalled to the waiter to bring another glass of bloody mary

“But don’t you think that you would overstay your welcome?” Seyi was sure he had a point but Biola succeeded in convincing him that a small bungalow meant much more to her than a luxury apartment. By 11:30 pm, they made their way out and she was glad that it wasn’t yet midnight when Seyi dropped her at home.

The bungalow had a metal door and a small window at the front, so she knocked on the window and Mrs. Adamu opened the door “you kept to the curfew” she welcomed Biola with a very wide smile “of course I did… your house, your rules” Biola turned up the fire in the lantern and headed to her room with it

“Biola!” Mrs. Adamu called “you can stay here as long as you want” “really?!!” Biola ran to her and gave her a big hug. Mrs. Adamu had no idea of the huge favour she was doing for the young girl.

One morning, as Mrs. Adamu made breakfast for her youngest son she watched a girl drag her luggage across the beach towards a bench. She watched the girl smoke and talk to herself. She sent her son off to school and went back to clean her kitchen but the girl was gone; as she wondered where the girl went, she heard a knock on the door. It was that girl, Biola; asking for a place to stay in her three bedroom bungalow

Looking at Biola she knew that she could afford to get a place to stay but for some reason she needed to be with the environment of the sea; so she gave her a room and she was well pleased that she did. The Bungalow by the sea was very old but well kept but for some reason, it was one of the best things that could happen to Biola at that time in her life.

Biola had an excellent work ethic, she loved her job… solving peoples’ problems gave her a high enough to temporarily forget what Chief did to her two weeks ago. She had a large desk that faced the mantrap door; it was in a corner that she shared with two other problem-solvers Diana and Ijeoma.

Diana was a bliss to work with and made sure Biola had a good first day by showing her the ropes and explaining to her the dynamics of office life and Biola was absolutely grateful. Diana whose office nickname was Princess Diana was always impeccably dressed and a stunning beauty but nothing compared to Biola; Diana was 6ft tall with dark shiny skin and always had her hair long to her butt, she looked like the goddess of natural resources.

When Biola resumed, Diana saw the commotion she caused but she wasn’t jealous instead she welcomed Biola to the club of beautiful bankers in Lagos

“Customers are not going to let you rest, it’s a good and a bad thing” Diana seemed excited to have another girl share in the stress of attention but Biola was just glad that she was on her good side.

“Can you people stop your gist and face your work, I am going to give the MD this package” Ijeoma ended their chit chat and went upstairs, when she got to the MD’s floor she dropped the package with his secretary and got engaged in office gossip with her

“Have you guys seen what is going on downstairs?” another colleague of theirs interrupted their conversation “that Biola girl is something else” he finished and left while Ijeoma and the secretary rushed downstairs to meet a very long line of male customers in front of Biola’s desk and five of them fighting for space in front of her.

Ijeoma tried to stop the fight and encouraged them to join the lines in front of her and Diana’s desks but they refused “what is going on here?!” the Managing Director on his way to the elevator asked Ugbede the customer service team lead, she explained everything to him and quickly went to sit beside Biola in order to help her attend to the customers faster.

The line went into the car park; it was like a festival where people paid to see a queen. Seventy percent of the customers’ cueing in front of Biola did not have any reasonable problem they only wanted to see and talk to Biola up close. It was very embarrassing for Biola but she remained professional until she was done for the day.

“Biola MD is calling you, he wants to see you now” Aisha his secretary delivered the message via her office phone. Biola knocked and opened the door to the MD’s office

“So you are the girl everybody wants a glimpse of?” he had a mischievous smile on his face “sit down” he waved at the chair and Biola sat down cautiously “what can I offer you? Do you drink alcohol?” he didn’t wait for her answer before he poured two glasses of scotch and handed her one.

Biola remained professional throughout their conversation and when it was over she felt very victorious. As she walked to the elevator she bumped into Umar

“Oh… hey, I have been looking for you” he looked very sober and humble certainly not like a manager in charge of anything “Biola, I am not married, I hesitated to answer because I did not see the question coming” he was almost on his knees, Umar was desperate to have Biola; he wanted her at all cost

“Prove it then” Biola entered the elevator and he joined her “how?…how do you want me to prove it? I can tell my parents to call you and tell you” he brought out his phone

“That won’t do” the elevator opened and Biola attempted to get out of it but he pulled her back and closed it “Biola, why are you doing this? Do you like hurting people for fun?” his grip was painful so she pulled her hand away and tried to get off the elevator but he didn’t let her.

This led to a screaming match, he wanted Biola to say yes to him and none of them was going anywhere until he got what he wanted “how am I supposed to know that you don’t want to sleep with me and bolt?” Biola was upset

“Tell me what to do, I will do anything to prove it” Umar’s desperation suddenly became clear to her and it dawned on her that his desperation was going to be an asset to her in the nearest future. Biola had plans

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