Big Brother Naija 2019 ‘PepperDemGang’: DAY 6

The morning kicked off with the regular routine exercise as the rhythm of popular Nigerian melodies playing in the background fueled the housemate’s enthusiasm to keep in shape. Officer Khafi led a group of the girls amongst who were Diane, Ella and Esther in a tap session. Mercy would join in occasionally, but babe had her attention shared between Ike, sitting by the edge of the Jacuzzi and the tap session only a few steps away. They had a conversion.


It seems apparent that some interesting exchange of body chemistry has been eluding the cameras. While they talked about the strategies of other housemates, Mercy made it clear that she is a hundred percent herself and wouldn’t necessarily give a f**k about others’ opinions and tactics. Thereafter Ike came up with the idea that some people are touching him. Mercy found that revelation quite hilarious as she unendingly asked who the ‘toucher’ was. And if they were more than a pair of succulent fingers, who were they? Obviously, that was going to be Ike’s little secret as he smiled away Mercy’s inquisition. Bros ain’t telling nadda!  


When Jeff, the Head of House unrolled and read aloud Biggie’s message to the housemate, hardly would anyone have envisioned that the clouds of evictions would be hovering over the house a week earlier than the weather man’s report. And Biggie made explicit the condition to stay alive: have as many Bet9ja coins as possible. Unfortunately, a few of the housemates had used their coins to buy friendship and goodwill in the first few days. Mike has the least Bet9ja coins in the house.    


In line with Biggie’s instruct, there would be three group captains. And by instinct and evidently to ensure there is a balance of strength across all boards, Jeff chose Mike, Gedoni and Tuoyo as group captains for the day’s Bet9ja Arena Game. And the ladies went on overdrive! They unanimously rebelled against the choice of an all-male captain. It took a few moments of pleading to get the ladies to calm their fraying nerves as Jeff, while dishing out generous apologies, quickly made amends by substituting Gedoni for Isilomo as the third group captain. Thereafter, Jeff ensured he privately rendered a logical explanation and apology to the park of ladies: Tasha, Khafi, Isilomo, and Esther; all members of the Red Team who were in the teeth of the revolt. When Jeff left after getting a hug from Esther, Tasha felt Jeff’s unrelenting apologies were a farce, a strategy to appeal to the viewers.


Diane was tied in a comfy romance with Tuoyo on the bed when Ella walked into the room with a broom in hand. She raked in anger about the dirty plates in the kitchen. Diane caught the whiff and she irked in annoyance in return. According to Diane, she had only volunteered to do the dishes; it was never assigned to her. Therefore, it was entirely wrong for Ella to assume she should get the dishes done when a housemate uses one. Thelma who was sitting in the room came in defense of Diane and suggested, henceforth, every housemate should do their dishes after having a meal. Mike tried to pacify the ladies, quite unsuccessfully until Jeff, the head of house, came in to consider both sides first and then air his view. Diane kept steady in the tight embrace of Tuoyo who ensured she remained snug to his torso in undisguised affection. Ella would later join Ike and Mercy under the duvet. And that was entirely a show spoiler for the duo who seems to be warming up romantically.


Right after their timeout during the exercise session, more often than not, Ike and Mercy, whether by omission or commission, appears to always be in each other’s company. And that would have been entirely normal if a romantic pattern isn’t taking shape. The crescendo of this brewing fondness was when the camera settled on the duo making efforts to get comfortable under the duvet. And while both appear to be trying to catch some sleep, it’s obvious a fire is been ignited somewhere in the recesses of their hearts. And perhaps if Thelma would leave them alone with her occasional interruptions and if Ella hadn’t tried to join the sleeping party after her fight, just maybe we could have etched out a more concrete outline in this latest ‘ship’.   


Since Biggie through Jeff, the HOH, announced that whoever has the least coin would be going home on the Sunday Live Eviction Show, all the housemates have been overly nervous while protecting whatever coin is in their possession. The fear of being a potential evictee has engulfed the housemates as everyone sorts out a strategy to refill their coin base. Ike has particularly suggested he may go on a coin stealing rampage to guarantee his safety on Sunday night. It wasn’t long before Ella also joined the campaign to steal coins or die trying. Mike, who is a fan favorite, unfortunately, has the least coin amongst the housemates. And some of his White Team members are making a conscious effort to help him with some coins. Kimoprah has the highest coins valued at 310. Again, Kim won the Game of Chance and she has veto power to save and replace any housemate.


It was the first Arena Games for this year Big Brother Naija. There are three teams with respective unique colors. The White Team had Jeff, Mike, Mercy, Ike, Avala, Ella and Frodd. The Green Team, who turned out to be eventual winners, had Seyi, Diane, Sir Dee, Omashola, Thelma, Kimoprah and Tuoyo. The Red Team, the runners up, comprised: Isilomo, Khaffy, Tacha, Jackye, Esther, Gedoni and Nelson. The game had seven different segments with each housemate from each group participating in at least one segment.

 Starting with basketball, a member of the team shoots into the hoop once and pass a baton to the next team member who is to score a football from a spot with a dummy post. The next team member collects the baton and hit a tennis ball with a racket ten times without falling. The next member will roll the ball until it reaches inside a rectangular box while another member collects the baton and hit the ball into a golf hole. The next member jumps over a pole and then passes the baton to the final team member who sprints to the finish line. 

The green team finished first at 1:17 mins and won 700 bet9ja coins. The Red team came next at 1:51 mins to earn 490 coins. The white team finishing at 1:56 mins and had no rewards.       

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