Biafra Remembrance Day: An Outpouring Of Reactions On Twitter

IPOB (Indigineous People of Biafra) declared May 30, 2019, as a sit-at-home day in ‘Biafraland’ and Nigeria in remembrance of its fallen heroes and heroines.

In a 6 am breakfast, Nnamdi Kanu addressed Biafrans and admonished them on the importance of setting out today as a “day of serious thinking and reasoning.”

The IPOB leader said: “Today is a day of serious thinking and reasoning on the part of our people and the day the entire Biafraland is locked down, markets are not opened, no schools, no offices are opened, no banks, nothing.

Meanwhile on Twitter, reactions have been pouring in concerning the Biafran Remembrance Day, many using the hashtags #Ozoemena, #BiafraRemembranceDay, #BiafraHeroesDay2019 and Biafran

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