It has been another action-packed week at the bbnaija house this week. Here are the events that have taken place so far:


Khafi won the Head of House Challenge. In my opinion, it was the universe’s way of consoling her after Gedoni’s eviction. After a complicated two rounds, she sealed victory with quick completion of the puzzle blocks Task.

The Challenge was played in two rounds. The first round was a game of the ‘fastest hands’. It required the housemates to stand in pairs and make a quick grab of the die placed on the stool between them. At the end of the challenge, Venita, Ike, Frodd, Seyi, Khafi, Omashola, and, Sir Dee emerged winners and proceeded to the next round.

Round two of the challenge was a game of speed and intellect. The housemates were asked to duplicate a colored patterned square. The first person to complete it would become the Head of the bbnaija House. Venita was the first to be sent off for an incorrect replica. After that, Khafi was called the winner for building the best replica in record time.

Khafi won for herself the immunity privilege for the week, 250 Bet9ja coins, and bonus coins for each member of her team. When asked about who she’d like to share the Head of House bedroom privilege with, she was hesitant at first, but she picked Tacha.

For the nomination challenge, three representatives were selected by each team to partake in the challenge on behalf of other bbnaija team members. Each representative was supposed to move as many cotton balls as possible in five minutes, from the cotton balls buckets to the plates on the floor. They were to play it blindfolded and with tablespoons.

Venita, Omashola, and Esther represented Team Legends while Seyi, Elozonam, and Cindy represented Team Enigma. At the sound of the buzzer, Team Enigma won, leaving Team Legends up for Eviction because they didn’t have enough cotton balls on their plate. Using his Veto Power, Ike Saved Omashola and Replaced him with Cindy. 


Tuesday was a day dedicated to the Lumapil sponsors. The housemates presented short plays and speeches as they did their anti-malaria campaign task. The aim of the task was to deliver a thought-provoking campaign on the prevention, treatment, and eradication of Malaria.

The campaign began with an originally composed song by the Pepper Dem Housemates. Sir Dee sang and Esther rapped. In addition to the song, Seyi, Ike, Mercy, Diane, Esther, Tacha, Omashola, Elozonam, and Khafi delivered speeches on ‘The Prevention, Treatment, and Eradication of Malaria’. 

Before then, Biggie spiced up the bbnaija house with a game called ‘Touchers’, which is very much like ‘Police and Thief’, but instead the girls were mosquitoes while the guys were humans.


The housemates were given a task sponsored by Darling hair. From an image given to them, the housemates were to get inspiration for their styles, create their own hairstyles and showcase them on the Darling Runway Show. They were asked to work in pairs and this is how they worked: 

Omashola and Khafi

Venita and Sir Dee 

Elozonam and Diane

Ike and Mercy

Frodd and Esther

Tacha and Seyi

Mike and Cindy

They were asked to be dressed in formal attire for the runway show. The most shocking thing that happened was when Esther and Frodd sealed their performance with a kiss. Unfortunately, that didn’t earn them a win because Sir Dee and Venita emerged as the winning pair For displaying the best of Nigeria in the 60s.


The theme for this week’s wager task was Celebrating World Culture. Team legends scored a total of 13 points while team Enigma scored 16 points to become the winner of this week’s Wager Task. The winning team got 20 Bet9ja Coins each. Biggie also acknowledged the Performance of Elozonam and Diane and with that, it was a wrap.


Today has been mostly uneventful so far, the housemates spent most of the day sleeping and even in the afternoon, Tacha, SirDee, Elozonam, Mike, and Seyi gathered in the room to gossip about Frodd and his annoying ways. 

Biggie asked the housemates to freeze and three ninjas came in to blindfold Cindy, Khafi, and Mercy and they were led out of the house. They got into the room that Seyi and Tacha were in before, and their blindfolds were removed. They are being treated to a spa treatment and a movie. 

Can’t wait for the Arena Games later!!!