BBNaija: Week 7 Weekend Rundown And Eviction

Week Seven (7) of the BBNaija Pepperdem Gang was just rounded up. The past weekend sure gave us a lot to talk about. Here’s a rundown.


Friday went by fast. Nothing much was given to the housemates. The viewers found the arena game very interesting because of the nature of the game Biggie gave the housemates. The Icons won Week 7’s Arena Games. They earned 100 Bet9ja coins each. It was really nice to watch, considering that they were all up for eviction.


It was a basic day in the BBNaija house on a regular Saturday morning.

The housemates had a Danomilk Challenge. They were in 3 groups. Two groups did not adhere to the instructions given, which led Biggie to add two extra minutes to their total time. Team DanoChoco consisting of Seyi, Esther and Venita won the Danomilk Challenge. The reward includes N250,000 each and a year’s supply of Dano Milk products.

The Saturday night party was a ‘lituation’ as usual. The housemates were looking really nice. Elozonam and Diane were together throughout the party. This their new ship is sailing and we’re feeling it.


Sundays in the BBNaija house are always full of tension. The Live Eviction Show was anticipated in the not so positive way, especially for those who are up for eviction.

To groom the housemates who were up for eviction, hair stylists were brought. They all looked really scared (except Tacha). They packed their boxes and kept in the store.

The Live Eviction Show came and Ebuka served viewers some hot looks. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our very talented Joe and Enkay, “The Ludo Queen.”

It was really painful to see them go. You could see the guilt in Diane’s eyes when Joe was asked to leave. This is because she put him up for eviction and saved Sir Dee as the Veto Power holder. We will miss them, especially Joe. I mean, he was really handy and helped a lot around the house.

When Ebuka asked Diane if she regrets her decision of replacing Sir Dee with Joe, she said she doesn’t regret it. And she blamed ‘confusion’ for her choice of who she saved and replaced. 

Ebuka asked Tacha why she declined the offer to share the HOH room with Seyi. “ I love my bed,” she said.

Many viewers believe that Enkay was evicted because of her unfair treatment to Cindy. The problem here is that Cindy caught the eyes and compassion of many when they noticed that she’s not really as fortunate as the other housemates and she didn’t hide it. She even cried in the diary room to Biggie that she feels that her best is not good enough for Nigerians to keep her safe.

So unfortunately for Enkay, she made some nasty comments about Cindy saying that she’s always borrowing slippers and what not. And even said she doesn’t want to play Ludo with Cindy hence what earned her the name “Ludo ambassador.”  So whatever reason it is that made viewers love Cindy whether out of pity or favor, Enkay crossed the line. 

Most viewers felt that Joe was far more useful in the house than so many others and it was unfair that he had to leave so soon. Unfortunately, that’s not how the bbnaija game works.

When Ebuka asked Joe who he thinks will win the money. He said I would be between Tacha, Omashola, and Mike. 

Here’s how viewers voted this week;

  • Tacha 26.90%
  • Omashola 16.80%
  • Ike 15.26%
  • Cindy 10.56%
  • Khafi 7.97%
  • Elo 7.64%
  • Frodd 7.32%
  • Joe 6.67%
  • Enkay 0.88%

After the eviction, Ebuka advised the housemates not to forget that their time in the house is all a game. There is a need for them to use their heads because they are getting too emotional in the house.

The Veto Power Challenge commenced and Elozonam emerged as the winner.

Wait! Something remarkable happened last night. So, Venita and Gedoni had a very long conversation about Khafi. Venita said, “if I decide to set my compass on you, she will not stand any chance.” Viewers are confused. What’s up with this chick? The worst part is that Gedoni was just quiet and sat there listening to her. He definitely likes Venita. After she finished yarning all sorts of bad things about his “girlfriend”, he hugged and pecked her. I wish someone would punch proper sense into Khafi. What’s wrong with this Gedoni? It’s not by force o.

This new week is definitely going to be filled with more drama in the house and we’re all here for it. Do have a lovely week and don’t miss our daily commentary. Stay tuned.