This has been an eventful week in the BBNAIJA house. The nominations on Monday were as follows:

Jeff nominated Tacha and SirDee

Mike nominated Seyi and Tacha

Esther nominated Jeff and Omashola

SirDee nominated Ike and Omashola

Khafi nominated Jackye and Esther

Tacha nominated Jeff and Gedoni

Diane nominated Jeff and Seyi

Omashola nominated Mike and Ike

Seyi nominated Jeff and Tacha

Mercy nominated Mike and Omashola

Gedoni Nominated Mike and Jeff

Ike nominated Jeff and Jackye

Jackye nominated Jeff and Omashola

Frodd nominated Jeff and SirDee

This left Jeff with 8 nominations, Omashola with 4, Mike & Tacha with 3 each.


On Tuesday, we were asked to expect a twist by 7 pm. This was when two new housemates were introduced to the bbnaija house. Venita, an actress/former video vixen, and Elozonam, an actor/director. The housemates were surprised but gave them a warm welcome.

Omashola and Frodd even struggled to get Venita’s attention, but she ended up spending a lot of time with Omashola. This also showed me that Frodd has moved on from the Esther situation. Good for him!

It was also SirDee’s birthday and the housemates celebrated by baptizing the banker/graphic artists in the pool.


I’m not sure if Diane and Esther reconciled over the arrival of the new additions or the fact that Nelson is no longer in the picture, but they finally chose to air their opinions and close up the friendship distance.

The atmosphere in the bbnaija house was generally chill because they were mostly preparing for the ‘Love and Fashion in the 50’s’ Task.

Two more housemates walked into the house at 7 pm again. Enkay and Joe, an artist/creative director. However, upon their entry, the former housemates didn’t look too pleased as there was a look of confusion on their faces.


Cindy, a new housemate, was introduced while the housemates were getting ready for their weekly presentation. She is an actress and a photographer.

For the presentation, they acted love stories that were set in the 50s. Group 1, which was led by Tacha won the overall performance. Seyi won the best narrator, Diane Frodd and SirDee were the best actors, while Mercy was the best dressed.


For today, the housemates have been asked to do things locally. They have been dressed in local attire since morning. They even went outside to prepare their lunch on a local stove and they ate pounded yam and vegetable soup.

I’m expecting the arena games later to be very intense because I don’t know the strengths and weaknesses of the new housemates.

Do you think that these new housemates are real or fake?

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