BBNaija: Week 12 Round Up 

Monday: The bbnaija housemates were greeted with a bit of low spirit after Khafi’s eviction on Sunday. The men spent their morning making food for themselves. We also experienced the biggest fight between Ike and Mercy as they spent time calling each other out and talking about themselves to other housemates.

The challenge for the new head of house also saw Elo emerging as the new head of house. He chooses Diane to share his room with.

The housemates were also made to nominate housemates for possible eviction. What they did not know is that there will be no evictions this week and that it is a fake nomination.

Also, they have to go along with picking the pictures they need for the Ultimate Veto Power which will be revealed at the end of the week.

Mercy purchased immunity from evictions for the 13th week while Diane and Elo purchased a movie date and spa treatment with their bet naija coins.

Tuesday: Seyi and Tacha had yet another fight this morning. Seyi was seen being dramatic about it as he used his footwears to kill imaginary insects on the floor whilst proclaiming that they should get behind him. Tacha was also being very vocal about the fight and cursed him out a lot.

The late morning was filled with the housemates lounging and dancing to biggies playlist. Cindy, Frodd, Seyi, and Omashola also graced our screens with their dance steps as they assumed it was a Tuesday afternoon party time.

The bedmate challenge came on later in the day with the theme, make your living better. The housemates were tasked to prepare special presentations in the form of anything they can imagine and they have three minutes to present individually. Seyi emerged as the winner of that challenge and was rewarded with a lot of bedroom and household furniture.

Wednesday: Wednesday was quite uneventful as the housemates basically just ate, slept, gossiped, danced, gisted and relaxed. Mercy made lunch and other housemates also made their meals during the day.

They had a freeze session when the OppO mascot came around teasing them. Diane also caused a stir by hiding the red save box which caused a little uproar but was eventually found.

The bbnaija housemates went ahead to have the Ultimate Veto Power Challenge.

Thursday: Another unevenly day as all we could see was people sleeping talking, cooking and eating.

There was a lot of speculations about what happens when they leave the house. A lot of talks about what they do and what they would invest their time in after the house.

The evening was actually lit as Tuface, LarryGaaga and Efe Omorogbe visited the bbnaija housemates. It was very memorable and interesting. Ike and Mercy got a chance to dance while 2baba sang for them. They sang almost all of his songs in the last two decades. Who knew Cindy could sing so well. Amongst the people in the house were Alternate sound, Official Kholi, and Okiemute.

Tacha and Seyi also seemed to have buried their hatchet.

The housemates remembered to pack food but forgot the red box in the arena. This led to a terrible fight between Tacha and Diane during which Diane poked Tacha’s eyes. We await the outcome.

Friday: Aside from the Friday arena games to look forward to, nothing spectacular happened in the earlier hours of Friday. Earlier in the week, Elo and Diane had purchased spa treatment and movie time respectively. Biggie has granted their request as they got the time for the spa and movie time.

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