BBNAIJA Double Standards: Joe n Tacha

Yesterday, Joe was introduced to the BBNaija house. Some people are saying they like how confident he is and how if he’s a real housemate, that confidence will take him far.

Others though are saying he is arrogant and it’s not fair that people can like him and hate Tacha for the same ‘characteristic’. They’re saying it is having double standards because Nigerians are afraid of and uncomfortable with confident women.

As a feminist, I agree that Nigerians don’t like confident women. What I don’t agree with is that Joe and Tacha share the same trait. There is a difference between being egotistical and being confident. 

First of all, Tacha has been very rude and insulting to the other housemates on many occasions. She snaps at the slightest provocation and as often as possible. That is nothing like Joe has done. He has only come into the house and shown how confident he is in a cocky way.

So as a woman who is mostly on the side of women, I hate to not admit when a woman is doing bad just because she’s a woman.