BBNAIJA 2019: What Happened to Diane and Elo?

Still, on still, the Big Brother Show has come and gone but the stories and closures still linger. Diane and Elo were great content material during the Big Brother Show. However, as the show has come to an end, fans are yet to see them together as often as expected. At the moment, there is no clear cut direction in the nature of the relationship the two have. So, here is the question, what happened to Diane and Elo?

From the onset, Diane was one of the few female housemates preferred by the male housemates. There was clearly some form of attraction between Diane and Sir Dee, Diane and Touyo, Diane and Nelson. It was like a love triangle where the lady in the middle was not able to make a decision as to whom she preferred.

With Tuoyo, the attraction was somehow mutual between him and Diane according to what we saw. He always wanted to be in her company. Somehow, the other guys who were interested in her noticed and probably had to back out. During this time, she, Diane was also seen with Sir Dee and Nelson a couple of times. It continued until Tuoyo was evicted.

Nelson on his won part was applying for a spot but was too torn apart with his confusion for Esther and struggle with Frodd that he couldn’t make it to the main list. As he was evicted, Diane and Sir Dee kicked in. There were speculations that their close friendship happened as a result of northern alignment considering that they both grew up in the Northen part of Nigeria. Coupled with Diane’s reaction when Sir Dee was evicted, it would be safe to say that she was bereaved on that day, haha.

To the main gist, Diane and Elo kicked off shortly after all her darlings were evicted from the big brother house. This came as a shock to many as Diane was caught in a video saying she is never and will never be with short and fair guys. A close-to-perfect description of Elozonam. So, how the two finally became inseparable is still a mystery to many. Nevertheless, the connection they shared and the entertainment they gave the viewers cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Diane and Elo were seen on several occasions in mushy positions for long hours. They eve got a chance to share the Hoh room during Elo’s tenure. The public show of affection was of top-notch quality. During the show, Elo made mention of his best friend who happens to be a girl. He said they have had sex a couple of times but not in a serious relationship. Diane also made mention of a few people she liked but nothing serious before the house.

Recall also that they had a major fight because Diane danced with Seyi all through the Friday night party and completely ignored Elo. ELo is definitely a jealous man. Anyway, at some point in the show, Elo told Biggie that he doesn’t think the relationship he has with Diane will survive outside the Big Brother house.

This thought of his seems to be true as both of them seem to have ditched their budding relationship since the show ended. Since the end of the show, all we have seen is just a couple of pictures of both of them here and there. Those pictures were even taken at events that they were mandated to attend together. So, technically, they have not gone on any public date at the moment.

At this point, it is not clear if they are dating, just friends, or just ex-housemates to each other. Although Diane describes Elo as white pepper during an interview. She says, “Elo is like white pepper. It’s not easily seen and People don’t normally use it but it has a unique taste that completes the menu.” So, this is not a clear cut answer as to if they are together or not but, it seems Elo is her “essential ingredient”.

So, do you think Diane and Elo are still together? Let me know what you think and what you know.