BBNAIJA 2019: Update On All The Finalists After The Show

With all the rigmarole going on in the lives of these ex-housemates, and with all the details and stories going around, it might be too much to keep up with. However, you do not have to worry as got you sorted out. Here you have all updates concerning the BBNAIJA 2019 finalists.


Picking up details from the posts on her Instagram account so far, it is so clear that the season 4 winner of the Big Brother Show is having a swell time and is living her dreams with her win. This a week after her big win and it has been all camera and glam for her.

From the closed-door party with some Nigerian comedians and the organizers on Monday after the show, her Tuesday was about the prize-giving day for the finalists of the show. Over to Wednesday, she had her media rounds where she talked about how she journeyed in the house, her love interest, Ike, and some other things. On Thursday, she and the rest of the housemates paid visits to the sponsors of the show. At this moment, there is no information on who her mangers are or which of the brands she is representing henceforth.


So far so good, Mike has been the fitness tycoon since the show ended. Starting with sharing his thank you videos and his work out session with his wife, he has undoubtedly been fabulous. As of now, he has only been seen at the exclusive parties, prize giving, media rounds, and sponsors’ visits. Mike is living up to the classic man title with his outfits too. PSA: Mike’s wife has officially become an ex-housemate too, haha.


Nwa Aba Frodd made a fast move by getting proper management with Ubi Franklin and his group. So far, he has received gifts from the Dano milk Challenge and Oppo Challenge held in the house. However, he was seen elegantly dressed to the premiere of the movie, The Enemy You Know. So far, Frodd is the BBNaija Season 4 Fresh Boy.


The newest brand ambassador for Dano Milk with one endorsement down and counting is on the list of the fresh boys of the BBNaija Season 4. He has been up to the regular so far. With no information about any management agency, Sholzy is unleashing the bad boy spirit in him as he fights to secure more bags.


Seyi was one of the highest winners of various prizes with the highest being an opportunity to present at the United Nations Assembly next year after winning the challenge.

Seyi was plagued with a lot of misunderstanding while at the house. This was basically because of his family background. However, he rose above all of that to come out in the fifth position. Seyi has been seen all around especially during his media tours with his one and only girlfriend Adeshola. She even got a chance to be interviewed along with other housemates. As of now, there is no special news about Seyi.

All the BBNAIJA 2019 finalists’ updates will be coming your way soon. Be sure to get all the stories as they develop.

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