BBNAIJA 2019: Ex-Housemate Mercy is a Better Diva

BBNAIJA 2019 show is over but BBNAIJA Mercy is not done with giving us pepper. At this moment, fans are still trying to find out the actual pepper she is serving. Some call it atarodo. Some more pathetic fans call it the real pepper.

Well, at the moment, Mercy has come under serious scrutiny by some of her not-so-in-love fans. They are comparing her to Tacha, another Big Brother 2019 housemate.

Recall that Mercy and Tacha had an altercation that led to the latter being disqualified. Since that incident, the fans from the two camps have constantly been in some form of competition.

For some, they say Tacha doesn’t have an organized team. That even if she did, she is not half a queen that Mercy is. This competition became worse after she released her studio pictures after the show. In one of the pictures, it appeared as though she has erased the tattoo of Davido in her chest area. A claim that happened to be false eventually.

For BBNAIJA Mercy being a better diva, the fans think that Mercy effortlessly looks better in her pictures more than Tacha. A lot of people also think that Mercy hasn’t even done a studio shot and she looks so hot. What happens when she now does a studio shot?

Another comparison was if as a fashion entrepreneur in need of a Model or an Ambassador or an Icon, who would you rather pick for business?

At this point, it would be better if you answer the question and decide for yourself.

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