BBN Star Tacha Advises Nigerian Police

Reality TV Star Tacha gives guidance to the Nigerian police on the need to join and fight for the course of a better Nigeria.

The 25 years old entrepreneur was a housemate at the Big Brother Naija season 4. She made a video on her social media page expressing the need for all hands, including the Nigerian police, to be on deck for the change to affect everyone.

Bbn Star Tacha Advises Nigerian Police

Tacha declared her undying love for the country, “some of us love this country,” she said, reminding the police that every hardship or struggle we are experiencing does not exclude them, from a hike in food prices to ASSU strikes and insecurities etc.

She also added that one of the five points agenda during the EndSARS protest was for the betterment of the police force, but their action towards the Nigerian youths proves otherwise.

This fight for a better Nigeria will benefit everyone, including you and I, Tacha said.

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