The Barbershop Part 2

If you missed out on part 1 of this interesting account of my experience at the barbershop, you can catch it here.

‘I no dey Barb again, hmmm’ I said to myself as I walked by the roadside. A part of my brain was thinking about the two thousand naira haircut price while another part, probably the hindbrain, was still echoing the sounds from the blazing speakers some distance away. Two thousand naira echoed with the song lyrics ‘if you no get money, wetin you gain’; it was just like a Dj-master mix. 

I was about to hop on a bike when I felt something in my pocket.’ Oga, please wait o’ I said to the bike man, then dipped my hand into my pocket only to bring out the tally I was given at the Barbershop. It was then I realized my wallet has dematerialized. ‘Is that how you used to do?’ The bike man said as I suddenly abort my mission and turned back to the direction of Lady D’s barbershop.

My pace was faster than when I sneaked out minutes ago. ‘A whole three thousand five hundred naira!’ I reasoned. I didn’t need to push or pull the door, the last customer who had caused the uproar was just leaving the saloon with a Zuma-rock-like face.

I entered into the saloon, the other man was still boiling after the quarrel with the man that just left. ‘You should have a duration for each customer depending on their haircut styles, don’t let those people spoil your business o’ the man on the barber’s chair said to Lady D. I was bending and squatting when Lady D asked what I’m doing in the shop. 

‘I lost my wallet in here a few minutes ago.’ ‘Bros, I never see you here before.’ ‘I went out now in the heat of words to pick an important call’ ‘Make I see your tally,’ she said. I searched my pockets, I couldn’t find the tally I brought out while with the bike man. ‘Oh! You think you can come and rob at Lady’s shop ehn.’ ‘No ma!’ I was when mumping when I was given a hot slap from behind. ‘That’s how they do’ sounds like ‘That’s how stars do’ coz I saw many stars in a dark night as I was thrown out of the shop.

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