Avengers: End Game Needs To Answer These 3 Questions.

Avengers: End game needs to answer these 3 questions.

Okay. It would seem useless to disect a  movie that is already close to making 1.5 billion worldwide dollars with in it’s first month.

However the final installment of the infinity saga left us with some pressing questions who keeps itching our bodies like those Christmas sweaters grand ma used to knit, God rest her soul. Warning: If you haven’t seen the new Avengers ,there a spoilers below.

The infinity stones

It was clearly stated the first Guardians of the galaxy that only those of immense power are able to weild any of the stones without repercussions. Thete waa even a scene where the collectors his slave grabbed the Power Stone and exploded to show what it does.

However, the events of end game shows characters like hulk and Hawkeye holding the stones without any form of protective glove.

What’s with the snapping?

Thanos snapping half the universe to oblivion has without a doubt become a big part of the MCU. Especially how the new Avengers treats the snap. 

In the comic story you don’tt have to snap your fingers to use the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. This isn’t how it works in the comics or the movies. While the Thanos of the movies has a tendency to close his fist while wielding the Gauntlet’s powers, there are several instances shown in which mere thought is enough to activate it  like when he throws a moon at the Avengers on Titan. Once the mad titan gets the Gauntlet on his hand, he should be able to rewrite reality just by thinking about it.

Thanos’s plan

Okay this last one isn’t much of an unanswered question but just pointing out how dumb Thanos’s plan was all along. His main motivation for wiping out 50% of the universe was scarcity of resources. And as we already know half of all living things include 50% plants and 50% animals which are all part of the dwindling resources he speaks off.

So I guess he’ll still be back at square one. In addition, population doesn’t work that way Thanos.  As more people are born, mature, and give birth, the same rate of reproduction inflates population. In less than 40 years, the earth is going to be back where you started unless the snap is going come every half century, or you would want to use the gauntlet to make every woman barren and every man sterile.

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