Austria Re-enters Lockdown Amidst Rise In COVID19 Cases

The central European country Austria has re-entered into its fourth lockdown amidst a rise in the COVID19 cases in Europe.

The lockdown, which has started today, is coming after the average number of deaths due to COVID cases in the country has tripled in recent weeks.

Hospitals in highly affected states have warned that they have almost hit total capacity and will be impossible to accept more patients.

Officials have reported that the lockdown would be for ten days but could be extended to twenty.

Austria Locks Down Again

People are only advised to leave home for specific reasons, including visiting the Doctor, buying groceries or exercising as non-essential shops have been closed.

Although less than 66% of the population is already vaccinated, Austria will be the first country to impose a lockdown since the revelation of vaccines.

Austria has also introduced a mandate for vaccination from February 1, as it is now a crime not to be vaccinated.

This new vaccination mandate has been met with different reactions as a protest ensued in Vienna standing against compulsory vaccinations, accusing the government of authoritarian tactics.

Earlier on Friday, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg apologised to all vaccinated people, saying it was not fair that they had to suffer under the renewed lockdown restrictions.

It has been reported that there is a fourth wave of the pandemic across Europe, and other European countries will be waiting to see if the actions taken by Austria will be practical to curb the spread of this virus.

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