Apo Power Restored By TCN After Fire Outbreak

Sunday afternoon fire destroyed 45MVA 132/33kV power transformers feeding AEDC’s 33kV lines. The fire outbreak break disrupted power supplies in several areas in the capital city.

By evening however, Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said it has restored normal power transformer through it’s Apo Transmission substation.

Signed by the Public Affairs General Manager of TCN, Mrs Ndidi Mbah. She stated the fire was as a result of a direct fault from one of Abuja Disco’s 33kV feeders; With a history of incessant trappings, the 33kV lacked protection.

An investigation is currently on going on the 45MVA power transformer.

The 33kV feeder H13 circuit breaker and current transformer exploded while the 33kV outgoing transformer snapped causing the fire; The statement said.

However, TCN noted that the Apo Transmission Substation has other transforms and power supply to all the areas that take supply from the substation will not be affected by the incident.

26MW has been added from the burnt transformer into the 100MVA transformer at the substation and is adequately supplying AEDC without load reduction;TCN added.

It further stated that it is also working with the AEDC company to ensure that it now takes the load formally taken from the burnt transformer through the MBH 100MVA transformer.

The fire outbreak which occurred on Sunday, was brought under control no too long after. But the 45MVA transformer, was lost to the fire. There was no report of injuries during the incident.

A statement by the AEDC revealed “Our technical team is right now working with the TCN engineers to see how to absorb the load on the 45MVA transformer that was affected by the fire.”

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