Annie Idibia’s Brother Calls her Out as Drug Addict

Nigerian actress Annie Idibia is on the wrong side of the news again as her eldest brother Wisdom Macauley has called her out as a drug addict.

In a video that surfaced online on Wednesday, a man introduced himself as “Wisdom Macauley, elder brother of Anni Macauley Idibia.”

Wisdom in a lengthy video stated that his life is being threatened, and he is crying out for help because he has been working for the actress for some time but she has not been paying her but rather send him stipends to manage.

Annie Idibia Made Me Her Slave – Brother Cries Out

Wisdom claims he loves her sister, but her sister does not love her back because Annie introduced him to drugs, while alleging that the 37-year-old mother is a drug addict and a violent person.

Annie’s brother further alleged that she turned him into his slave and errand boy rather than the managerial job she offered him.

The disturbed young man noted that Annie’s husband, 2baba, recently gave him some money after years of pleading which he used to settle his home.

Wisdom revealed that he has a wife and three kids, but is yet to pay the wife’s dowry because he has been manipulated for years.

According to Wisdom, Annie introduced him to crack which later got to him and he was never like this.

Wisdom revealed the was sent out of Annie’s house, and he took one of the cars intending to become an Uber driver but she sent her driver and some boys with knives to retrieve the vehicle and he had to run for his life.

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