Andre Onana Gets Special Favour From Court

Cameroon and Ajax shot-stopper Andre Onana has been favoured by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) following his doping violation. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has decided to reduce his ban to nine months after pleading with the court.

Court of Arbitration for Sport Reduces Andre Onana’s Ban

The 25-year-old Cameroonian goalkeeper was banned for 12 months by Uefa, European football’s governing body, after being found guilty of doping. Andre Onana was found to have the banned substance furosemide in his urine after an ‘out of competition’ check on 30 October last year.

Andre Onana Gets Special Favour From Court 1
Andre Onana Gets Special Favour From Court 3

Although the goalkeeper explained that he had accidentally taken a pill containing the substance unknown to him, the court did not pay attention to it then. According to reports, CAS said: “The CAS panel… found that no ‘significant fault’ could be attributed to Andre Onana, who had ingested medication destined for another person in error.”

In a statement released by the court, it says: “On that basis, the panel considered that a nine-month ban was proportionate to the negligence committed and reduced the suspension by three months, but could not accept the goalkeeper’s request for the removal of the suspension entirely.”

This means that the ban will now end on 4 November, so he will miss the start of the season for Dutch champions Ajax but will be available for Cameroon when they host the Africa Cup of Nations in January. On receiving the news, Onana’s agent said last week when they told Andre and his lawyers, the case was in court, and they are waiting for the CAS to speak on the case. He is happy now as their goal has now been met.

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