“Am Worried About Your Pace” Roy Keane To Maguire


Roy Keane seems to be the only football lover who has something negative to say about the new Manchester United defender Harry Maguire. He said the English man need to answer some questions concerning his defense role. The former Leicester City defender who joined United early this season for a record fee of £80m. Maguire(26) who is currently the most expensive defend in Europe has really not been outstanding in his last three games in the EPL. 

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Fans on Roy Keane to Maguire.

Roy started his analysis on Maguire from his former team (Leicester City). Keane said the defender was unable to keep a clean sheet throughout the season. And he has not really shown his worth in the last three games he has played for the united team. He has been unable to keep a clean sheet after his first game.

Harry Maguire of Manchester United

The Red Devils defeated Chelsea in the opening game of the season and since then the team has been inconsistent. The former Man Utd. player admits that the defender is good but how good is he with the ball?  “I am worried about his pace” he added. In the match against Crystal Palace, Maguire was unable to cover his center-back properly he added.

Fans are on the opinion that he is still very young, The defender is just 26 and if anybody is worried about him it won’t be right to push the questions directly to him. But on the second thought, Keane is correct because a player bought with such amount of money should do better. Maguire has shown some of his qualities but his lack of pace is really a thing to worry about they agreed.

Top Four Challenge.

Manchester United has not played any of the top six teams. They have conceived in all their games except for their first game against Chelsea. The United team play more of the full attack now giving the opposing teams chance for a counter-attack.

If Maguire is easily exposed to his pace it will lead to trouble for the team as it has been in their last EPL games. Unless there is an understanding between him and his pairing partner Victor Lindelof. 

If Ole’s team intend to go far in both EPL and other European competitions they really need to work on the defense-line. The other top six EPL teams have top-class attackers who will make use of every lapse in the defense line.