Air Transport Passengers Cry Foul Over Flight Termination

Some air transport passengers in Kano State have complained about how Azman Air Office suddenly terminated their flight.

On Tuesday, the passengers organised a peaceful protest to air their grievances regarding the change of flight schedule, which was not in their interest.

Most of them crying out to the flight company are members of the Kano State House of Assembly. They expressed their anger to the crew members, noting that what has just been witnessed is called ‘Unfair Treatment,’ he said.

At the incident scene, one of the travellers, Bashir Abdullahi, who got caught up in the disappointment, said he was travelling to Egypt en route Lagos on a scheduled flight tomorrow, lamented over the airline’s action, stating that their cancellation of the flight would visit him serious consequences.

Abdullahi noted that he had no idea the next move to make as the authorities have yet to properly brief them on reasons why their trips were cut short.

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